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Building green homes with Superadobe in Valladolid Yucatan

Superadobe, Building green homes with Superadobe in Valladolid Yucatan, Casas en Valladolid
Superadobe, Building green homes with Superadobe in Valladolid Yucatan, Casas en Valladolid
SuperAdobe Dream house

We successfully completed the superadobe course and we want to tell you a little about what we learned. It was super exciting for us to have Raul Gonzalez in Valladolid, he has a great project in Guanajuato called: Proyecto Casa de Tierra.

It is very important for us to share these techniques here in the Yucatan, as the heat is on the rise. This summer we got to extremely high temperatures, and it hardly rained at all: experiencing this heat in a concrete house is pure torture.

Using super adobe for construction is not only a cheap way to build, but it also contributes to having cooler buildings due to the walls.  The walls are extremely thick: a whopping 18” wide wall vs a common block wall with a 6” width.

SuperAdobe in Valladolid Yucatan

Your dream eco-house in the Yucatan

Super Adobe Yucatan: Things to Consider

– SuperAdobe can be used without a problem in Yucatan: other than the reduced amount of soil in the Yucatan. If you are lucky enough to have some in your property, the costs are dramatically reduced.

– The red earth of the region is wonderful, it can be used without any other added products. Imagine: Earth + Water + sack = a home!

– If like us, you don’t have so much soil on your land. You can use Sascab in the following proportions: 36 sascab buckets (20 liters)  + 1 sack of cement + 1 sack of lime Ca(OH)2 = solid walls!

– In our case we made the sascab superadobe dome and the most expensive was labor. Ideally, this system should be done with family, friends or volunteers to reduce costs.

– The earth will also be the base of the finishes: earth mixed with prickly pear water for interior finishes and earth with a finish for porous surfaces (fester, cememix, Sika, Sayer, proconsa have this product) 

  • If you want to use natural finishes, we have an architect friend here in Valladolid that sells lime-based products. This allows the building to have a finish that is breathable and water-resistant. 
Natural Lime finishes, a great variety of colors

We loved learning this technique and share it with friends and other interested people. The next project is an apartment with two areas, this one will be built only with dirt.

We will continue to report!

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