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Get ready for the hurricane season

Hurricane season is here

Rainy season is here! Just when we thought we couldn’t face another hot day, the rainy season brings some relief. Finally, the nights are cool and you are finally able to sleep with your windows open.  

If you have lived in the Peninsula long enough, most probably will use a light blanket at bed time. Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes… we know it is not cold, but you get so used to the constant heat, that a day in the 80’s feels cool enough. 

So, get ready for a few weeks of constant rain and humidity and prepare your home to handle the weeks ahead. 

Preparing your home for a hurricane

Preparing your home:  

  1. Climb on your roof and make sure the roof sealant, that black, red or white paint coat on top of your roof is in good condition. If it is peeled and you can see the concrete underneath, it might need to be replaced. 
  1. Look for old mold stains in your house, if you have those make sure to apply roof sealant or a sealing paint on the exterior walls, in the areas with the marks. The sealing paint has to be applied on the exterior and will stop the water from seeping down your walls. 
  1. Go around and hose your windows, use pressure and do it from different angles. Even new windows can have leaks, either from a faulty installation or leaky seals or silicone, make sure to repair them ahead of time. 
  1. Have your hurricane season kit ready: Go ahead and check you have a functional lamp and torch, as well as an emergency kit. 
  1. Check your outside drains and the drain pipes for your roof, make sure they work and are not blocked by leaves, dirt or trash.  
  1. Go around your garden and make sure it is free of garbage and empty containers, remember they can become mosquito breeding places.  
  1. Have a rainy season kit handy at home: Make sure to have books, board games or whatever that can keep you and your family entertained in case of an electrical failure. 
  1. Put your pet food away from the rain and moisture, a plastic box with airtight lids works best. More than once I have had my dogs food becoming a mushy smelly mess, either from getting wet or from the humidity. 
Rain season can be hard for some people

Even though the rain and cool weather is a relief from the heat, it can cause damage in your house and even affect your mood.

After all, how many constant days of rain can you endure? So be patient, be prepared and enjoy yet another day living at paradise, hopefully by following our tips your house will keep dry and you’ll keep your sanity. 

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By Diana De León

Hi, my name is Diana De Leon and I am one of the owners of Casas in Valladolid!

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