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Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid

Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid., Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid, Casas en Valladolid

Country houses for sale near Valladolid are a great way to invest. For instance: you get to live away from the typical city noise in Valladolid, and in general, get much larger houses for less money.

As a result, many of our clients explore this kind of property in Yucatán. In this article, we will share four Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid.

Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid.

Many are the clients want a quiet place to live, with a big garden. However, it is hard to find a house with these characteristics in the traditional barrios in Valladolid.

Most of our country homes are in the towns surrounding Valladolid, in a radius of 3-6 miles from downtown. As a result, your commute to the town is a breeze compared to being stuck in traffic in the centro area.

If you want to learn more about the advantages when buying a country estate, take time to read this post!

Country house in Ebtun, 7 minutes away from Valladolid.

Located in the town of Ebtún, just 7 minutes from downtown Valladolid, you will find a charming colonial-style house.

This house has been built with traditional methods, the wall is made with mamposteria or rock walls. The roof is built the old fashion with wooden beams, therefore is a really cool house.

Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid., Country Houses for Sale near Valladolid, Casas en Valladolid
Fall in love with this casita

Despite being 70 years old, the construction stands solid and is in excellent condition.

This quiet property works perfectly for those looking for a retirement home in Yucatan. Getting to Valladolid is definitely easy to do shopping or go out to dinner.

The house was recently renovated. In addition, it has the original pasta floors. It also has a balcony that overlooks the street.

The lot extendos for over 1573m2 or a little bit above 5000 Sq. Ft., it has a large and beautiful garden surrounded by masonry on three sides.

Colonial House in Cuncunul

Cuncunul is a picturesque town in Yucatán, you can get to it from Valladolid by the free road to Mérida.

It takes you only 12 minutes to get to the town, in addition, the town has a beautiful church with a bright terracotta color.

In addition, Cuncunul is famous in the Yucatan for its Poc-Chuc restaurants, a thin cut of grilled pork with Mayan spices.

This could be your country house

This Yucatecan Colonial House for sale has 2 buildings that are 200 years old and is in good condition. Also, the high ceilings and spacious pieces are part of its beautiful colonial style.

From the entrance of the house, you can see one of the most beautiful buildings downtown. moreover, the traditional historical building is quite inspiring allowing you to experience history.

With 672m2 the garden has an artisan well from which water can be drawn for the daily use of the property.

Garden, a white canvas

The opportunity to buy a Colonial Casona in Yucatán is possible and the Casas en Valladolid agency is ready to show you this property, do not miss this excellent investment opportunity in Valladolid.

Country Estate in Yalcón.

Travelling for 7 minutes on the Periférico de Valladolid you will find an exceptional place, Yalcón, a town thst is part of Valladolid county.

This property has easy access to Valladolid and the road that connects Valladolid and Cancun, for this reason, it is ideal as a vacation rental.

Welcome home

This country house for sale near Valladolid Yucatan has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Also, there is a small porch and parking space for several cars.

The property has paved roads, electricity and water. The property also has a deep well with an electric pump, especially designed to provide water to the garden and potentially: a pool.

The land is 4520m2 so you have a large, fully flexible space for the construction you want to do.

Siesta and fiesta area, also a carport

Country house for sale in Yalcon Yucatan.

This is one of those unique properties, that you cannot find anywhere else. Definitely the owners of this property have taken care of every corner of the property, making it a very special home.

With 5000 m2 This property has a small studio house surrounded by nature. The house has a Mayan hut-style palm roof and stone walls.
In addition to its main piece, you can enjoy other smaller huts in the large garden. Unquestionably, these huts invite you to siesta, meditate, practice yoga, or just enjoy yourself with friends and family.

Mi casa es su casa

Thegarden is specially relaxing, it should be noted that it has marked paths to walk through the most beautiful and calming places of this property.

The outdoor space is ideal for you to practice sports or a hobby surrounded by the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. Also, with so much space, you can build a pool or some other amenity that suits you.

At Casas en Valladolid we have properties that fit your needs, you can be sure that we will take care of finding the ideal property for you.

Contact us, we are ready to assist you.

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