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Build a house in Yucatán

Build a house in Yucatán, Build a house in Yucatán, Casas en Valladolid

Building a house in Yucatán can be one of your best options during the process of getting the house of your dreams. The fact of creating the home in which you will live from scratch will give you many advantages.

The wonders of building a house in Yucatan.

Yucatán is a state located in the extreme north of the Mexican peninsula. It has beautiful beaches, cenotes and archaeological sites of great importance. To these beauties are added the warmth of the Yucatecans and the security and tranquility with which they live.

Thousands of Mexicans and foreigners decide to live in this treasured place, the peace that is breathed in any of its cities or towns has no comparison.

Build a house in Yucatán, Build a house in Yucatán, Casas en Valladolid

Using the qualities of nature to build my home in Yucatán

The characteristics of the soil are very specific. The soil in this region is made up of limestone and somewhat porous. This stone has been used, for hundreds of years, to build homes.

The best type of construction for my house in Yucatan

In Yucatan there are different types of construction and here I will tell you about those that are considered the most “convenient” for Yucatan.

Stone houses

This type of construction requires a plan made by a professional. The main material used in the walls and foundations is limestone, which we have already talked about.

The advantages of stone houses are several, among the most important is the thickness of its walls. This type of wall insulates heat much more than a common block wall.

The aesthetic (without finishing) is quite good and attractive. Many of the people who build their stone house do not put any finish or paint on it.


The superadobe is an excellent option if you are looking for a home that does not generate as much environmental impact. Superadobe houses or buildings are made from sacks filled with earth and water.

In the specific case of Yucatán, there is not so much earth on the ground, so a material called Sascab is used to fill those sacks. Sascab is a construction material used by the Mayans.

It is a white sand that comes from the same limestone that we have already mentioned.

A kind of domes are formed that support the construction without major problem. The walls are quite thick and the ceilings are high, so you will save a little money on your electricity bill. Learn more about building superadobe here.

Huano hut or Mayan house

This type of construction is usually one-room, currently, many people who build a huano hut, build it in the patios or gardens of their properties.

They are ideal to add a very rustic space to your house and you can give it the function you want.

Find huano’s house.

Acabado con pasta de chukum

Finally, I want to tell you about a very special material that also comes from nature: chukum paste.

The chukum is a native tree of the state and its resin has been extracted from our Mayan ancestors. It is used for the final interior and exterior finishes of many homes in the area.

This finish is applied after having laid the plaster on the block or stone, usually the resin is sold together with other materials so that the finish meets the correct life time.

This material is very resistant to humidity and you will reduce maintenance costs during its useful life.

Start today, in search of the ideal land to build a house in Yucatan

The construction you always dreamed of can become a reality if you make decisions calmly, everything will start by buying a land. The best option you have is to consult with a real estate professional in the area.

Our real estate agency is located in Valladolid, Yucatán. In the area there are a wide variety of options, lots of different sizes and according to your needs.

Consult with a certified professional about the options that most closely match your priorities.