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Keep mosquitoes out of the house

Keep mosquitoes out of the house, Keep mosquitoes out of the house, Casas en Valladolid

Keep mosquitoes out of the house. In hot cities with a high percentage of humidity, mosquitoes undoubtedly live peacefully. They are everywhere: houses, patios, gardens, schools, and anywhere that comes to mind.

There is nothing against mosquitoes but …

Avoiding mosquitoes and other insects at home is essential. Many people are not bothered by its existence, however, for others having bites can be a great nightmare.

Another point by which it is necessary to avoid their bite are the diseases that they can transmit. Some of them are: Zika, Dengue, Malaria and yellow fever. Be careful!

Keep mosquitoes out of the house, Keep mosquitoes out of the house, Casas en Valladolid
A mosquito well filled with blood.

Mosquitoes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

When I came to live in Valladolid, Yucatán, my worst terror was mosquitoes. Turns out I have a tremendous reaction to its sting and the burning becomes almost unbearable. And since it is humid and hot here, mosquitoes abound, I decided to carry out a Repellent Action Plan of Maximum Urgency.

Things that can be done to avoid insects: Keep mosquitoes out of the house.

There are many ways to avoid mosquitoes at home, one of them is the most obvious and used by everyone in places like Yucatán: mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets will prevent mosquitoes and other undesirable insects from entering your home through doors or windows. With the high temperatures in Yucatan, the doors and windows must be kept open.

Keeping them well located will prevent unwanted visitors such as mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and even scorpions.

Natural repellants for mosquitoes.

Inside the house you can place a natural combination that will repel mosquitoes: lemon and cloves. Combine them by following these recommendations and do not let any bite cause any disease.

Many people have used a “trap” bottle with vinegar that can be used in an area where there are many of these animals.

My favorite for the house and even for the skin: Essential oils, your best natural repellent option for mosquitoes. Eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, and tea tree oils can work very well in scaring away our little friends and preventing stings.

Insecticides, the last option in the home to get rid of mosquitoes or other insects.

Although insecticides are marketed for the home, they are not recommended for interiors. It is mainly due to one of its substances: DDT. It can be toxic and very harmful to the skin, eyes, nose and mouth. Also for pets!

Whatever your option, keep mosquitoes out of the house, sleeping while they bite you is impossible and can pose a danger to you and your family.

Remember that in the large cities of Yucatán the streets are fumigated to prevent the spread of these animals.

Even so, we must do our part, do not accumulate water in your patios or gardens, avoid storing objects in rainy seasons that can be a home and nest for mosquitoes.

You take care of yourself and you take care of us all!