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Top 3 of Marquesitas in Valladolid

The quintessential Yucatecan dessert is here, and you definitely cannot miss this Top 3 of Marquesitas in Valladolid.

The Magic Town of Valladolid houses a large number of gastronomic options for the whole family. One of the most important desserts in Yucatecan cuisine; and therefore very common and sought after by tourists and residents of the state.

What is a marquesita and how do you eat it?

A mixture is prepared with flour, later it is placed on a plate and later it is flattened with an iron press on the fire. The dough is thin and golden. Finally, before it cools, they add the filling of your liking and roll it up and that’s it, to eat.

The shape of the marquise is made of a thin tube, therefore eating it is not that complicated, it is a matter of practice. You will bite little by little and carefully, many pieces may fall, remember that it is very crunchy.

Originally it was filled only with the traditional ball cheese or grated Dutch cheese, but today you can enjoy other ingredients that in combination will make a party in your mouth and you will undoubtedly want to repeat.

Top 3 of Marquesitas in Valladolid.

The best in the center of Valladolid. “Marquesitas El Tío Batman”

In the Park “Francisco Cantón Rosado” there is a small place, in fact very popular among the locals. It is a position with years of history and is run by an expert in making marquesitas: the famous Uncle Batman.

You can find it starting at 4:30 pm, at the entrance that is located on 40th street. I highly recommend the marquesita de queso de bola with nutella and strawberries, the perfect combination.

Marquesitas in Santa Lucia. “Leo Churros and Marquesitas”

Located on Calle 27 and 38 in the Santa Lucía neighborhood is Leo’s place. In addition to having very good marquesitas, you can enjoy their churros with the toppings you want.

The products of this micro-company are of high quality and with a very affordable price range, we assure you a very special culinary experience in Yucatan.

“Marquesitas el Noble Marqués” 

Located in the San Isidro neighborhood, in this business you can find a great variety of flavors. They have very good promotions and in their ṕagina you can find very good information. Find its location, hours, promotions and much more.

How much does a marquesita cost?

The prices are very accessible, therefore the marquesitas of Valladolid are around 25 to 50 Mexican pesos. Of course, it depends on the place and the amount of ingredients you want to add. That is why it is an option to get into Yucatecan gastronomy on a budget.

Don’t hesitate, find out and discover more about the gastronomic wonders of Yucatán on our blog.