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Adventure activities in Valladolid

Adventure activities in Valladolid, Adventure activities in Valladolid, Casas en Valladolid

Tourist attractions in Yucatán are plenty, but we know that sometimes you are willing to take fun to the limit! Adventure activities in Valladolid will be presented here, choose the one you like the most.

Adventure activities in Valladolid, Adventure activities in Valladolid, Casas en Valladolid

In Valladolid there are ideal tours and activities for those seeking adventure and extreme fun in the city. Although there are many tours that take you to very impressive places in the surroundings. It is not always necessary to leave the city to enjoy the beauties that it gives us.

Valladolid, city of adventure and fun to the limit.

Although the bars, cenotes, churches and museums in Valladolid are an unmissable experience. You must see these activities that I love and I always share. They are the best recommendations for tourists in Yucatan.

ATV Adventours Xkeken. ATVs and cenotes!

If you are into adventure activities in Valladolid, you cannot stop living this adventure experience in the city. Our ATV friends have an extreme trail and ATV tour.

This activity requires you to wear comfortable clothes, you can rent your own ATV or share it with a companion for a different price. You must be prepared for the road because sometimes there are steep inclines.

It is an ideal route for the chaviza and totally familiar. With this tour you will arrive at the cenotes of Xkekén and Samulá to cool off in their cold waters.

MexiGo Tours. Rent a bike and explore Valladolid.

One of the best activities to do in this Magical Town of Yucatan is to rent a bicycle and tour Valladolid, explore its streets and old neighborhoods. Its parks and its 6 main churches. They are really enjoyable, no matter what time you visit them.

Valladolid is a very noble city and people give their kindness to those who need it, if you feel lost do not be afraid to ask for directions or use your GPS.

Then you already know, without fear of success, take a bicycle and pedal through the bicycle lanes from Valladolid to the town of Popolá, towards Dzitnup or Chichimilá, any of these roads has an exclusive lane for bicycles and you will be able to know the surroundings by crossing the imposing Yucatecan jungle.

Mayan jungle. Cenote and zip lines in Valladolid.

This tourist complex offers 3 of the most desired services by tourists who come to Yucatan: cenote, restaurant with Yucatecan food and zip lines. Very good, because Selva Maya is that place that has all three, so it is definitely part of our Top Adventure Activities in Valladolid.

The facilities are very beautiful and being surrounded by nature gives you the peace of mind you need to stop thinking about your problems. The atmosphere is totally familiar and the restaurant offers delicious Yucatecan food.

Xkopek, Valladolid. Camping in a Beekeeping Park.

Xkopek is a Beekeeping Park with impressive facilities. Dry cenote, tour to meet the distinctive endemic melipon bees, swimming pool, camping, cabins and restaurant.

You can find everything here, camping in this park can be an adventure that you will never forget; Besides that you will learn a lot about the Mayan culture and its natural wealth.

The point of all this is that you have different options and remember that the adventure activities in Vlladolid continue to grow, there will always be a viable option to take away your boredom.

Remember that during the pandemic all businesses and services have sanitary measures that we must adhere to.

Visit Valladolid to the extreme and have fun without excuses in the Magical Town of Yucatan where everyone wants to live.