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The Yucatecan suit. Buy it in Valladolid!

For Yucatecan embroiderers, one of the most important thing is to make the Yucatecan suit, Buy it in Valladolid! It is customary for artisans to embroider colorful flower arrangements placed side by side. Sometimes with images of birds, ribbons and even squirrels.

Embroidery in Yucatecan hands.

What is the Yucatecan suit?

The terno is a gala dress from the region that is used on special occasions and celebrations. In the company of a sotendian chongo by a comb of natural flowers and gold filigree jewelry, this typical Yucatan costume used for the folkloric dance of the region.

It consists of three different pieces and that is why it bears the name of “suit”. The parts are: fustán, hipil and the jubón (doublet). Tradition dictates that the fabric is white, that the length of the hipil reaches the height of the knees and that the edges have lace.

The fustan.

It is a background of white fabric that goes under the whole dress and reaches the feet, tying at the waist; This part is embroidered from the bottom.

The hipil.

It is a dress embroidered at the bottom and reaches the knees.

The jubón.

It is a square flap that is placed on top of the hipil, embroidered in its entirety and full of color.

Complete suit.

More than just a dress, the suit is a tradition.

This dress is much more than a dress, it is a work of art that will impress you when you look closely.

I recommend that you appreciate the effort made by the people who do it and the effort and dedication they put into each embroidery stitch; the color combinations and designs are unique. The time of making the suit varies between 6 and 8 months, depending on the design and size of the hipil.

In Valladolid you will find a series of places where women (mostly) sell the clothes and napkins they embroider.

Yucatecan couple dancing to the sound of the jaraneros.

The Yucatecan suit. Buy it in Valladolid!

When you visit Valladolid and want to buy one, we recommend you attend the municipal market and the handicraft market; Although I tell you that you will come out with more than one purchase from that place, you will love everything.

Valladolid is an excellent place that will not only cause you to stay more days during your vacation but you will start to seriously think about coming to live in this city. If you want to know more about real estate in Valladolid do not miss this opportunity.