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Albarradas and Masonry Walls

Albarradas and Masonry Walls, Albarradas and Masonry Walls, Casas en Valladolid

Albarradas and Masonry Walls – My property in Yucatán

In all the municipalities of Yucatan you will be able to observe perimeter walls on land or lots. The people made these walls with a really good material: limestone.

This stone has been used for hundreds of years for construction in the Peninsula. You wills see the durability and abundance of limestone; that have allowed its inhabitants to take advantage of it.

In the history of Yucatan, I found its origin in ancient civilizations. At the time of colonization and long before them, they were extracted from the ground and they were cut and broken to shape the fences.

Albarradas and Masonry Walls, Albarradas and Masonry Walls, Casas en Valladolid

It all started in Yucatán … the traditional albarrada.

What is an albarrada? You will find them in most properties in Yucatan.

The traditional Yucatecan albarradas are fences approximately 1.30 meters high. Originally they were used to prevent the visit of possible fauna that could destroy henequen plantations. Later, it was used to delimit properties in a common way.

The material with which the albarradas are made is limestone, which is found abundantly throughout the region. The stones are placed (with great care and dedication) one on top of the other, thus forming a perfectly balanced wall.

The placement of the stones is not easy, it may seem simple but the people who perform this job take great pains to find the ideal stone that they should place. They look for the correct stone and find the perfect way to accommodate it on top of the others, it is a whole process.

One of the most used options for walls in Yucatán, masonry.

Masonry is a construction technique where, the pepople use limestone and cement. The stones must be placed very precisely, and so it will have a very good structure.

The masonry wall to delimit your property is a great option if you find yourself looking for construction methods. The durability, quality and resistance of these walls allow them to have a long useful life.

The walls end up being quite thick, at least 30 cm thick, it will allow you to follow your property, in addition to giving it a very Yucatecan touch.

The price of these two options depends on several factors:

  1. The person who performs it.
  2. If the stone can be removed from the same land or the material must be purchased.
  3. The height of the masonry wall or brickwork.
  4. Of course, the meters that you ask for.

You better consult with construction professionals and get started. Protect your property and take advantage of natural and local materials. It is a trade that is being lost, the precast block are gaining ground in the world of construction in Yucatan.

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