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Towns in Yucatan to invest in land

Real estate investment is undoubtedly a smart decision; however, a crucial point to consider is growth potential according to location. This is why Yucatán is a great idea, since it has been riding a real estate high in the past few years. Here we’ll tell you about three towns worth investing in Yucatán.

1. Chichimilá

Chichimilá location

This Mayan settlement, a mere 10 kilometers away from Valladolid, has a population of 9406 inhabitants. Small commerce, manufacturing industry, hospitality and food and beverages are the main economic activities here. The town offers pre-school through high school education, and it is surrounded by several tourist attractions such as cenotes (Dzitnup, Oxmal, Keken, Tzecu among others) and archeological zones like X-hasil and X-habin..

A great advantage to this quiet nature-surrounded town is its closeness to Valladolid, where many more products and services are available. If you are looking to build a townhouse that is close to urban settlements at a reasonable price, we are sure you will find plenty of options here.

Land in Chichimilá

2 Popolá

San Francisco de Asis church at Popolá Yucatán
(@seguridad popolá)

This 4960-inhabitant town located only 5.9 kilometers southwest of Valladolid is densely populated by Mayans who retain their original language. Its communication infrastructure consists of cellular service via Telcel, available in GSM, TDMA and GPRS modes. As far as natural attractions go, it has a semi open cenote with clear blue waters and a cave.

Land for sale at Popolá

In regard to real estate investment, Popola is a privileged place of natural beauty and closeness to Valladolid, and you will find several ranches and farms in the outskirts of town. If you’re seeking to enjoy peace and nature, here you will find an interesting choice of land with up-to-date registries near a cenote, the Vallazoo and a tequila distillery. Water and light utilities are very close to the property, so acquiring these services would be easy. If you would like to find out more, click here.

3. Tekax

Downtown (@Ayuntamiento Tekax)

Tekax is a Mayan word meaning ‘tied up here’. It is a municipality encompassing several towns located 90 minutes from Merida and 2.5 hours from Valladolid, and a place that has grown as an adventure and community tourism destination over the past few years.

It features several cultural attractions, such as its impressive former convent and parish of Saint John the Baptist in the historic center; it has several archeological sites such as Chamultún, Chuncanap, Itzitz, Nocacab, Santa María, Tzulay, Xaya, Kinil, Tixhualahtun, Chacchob, San Diego, Ticum y Cotbé. Local handcrafts include saddlery, jewelry, hand crafted huipiles and woodwork. At some point neighboring states produced honey, cotton and sugar.

As you can tell, Tekax is a true gold mine, a place filled with possibilities – so if you want to invest, here you have an excellent possibility of acres of land ideally suited to build a ranch, a farm or a retirement home. The land quality is perfect for farming and stockbreeding. Click here to find out more.

Other aspects to consider when the time is right to invest in land include capital gains and possibilities of use, as well as additional costs that, while lower than those of a building property, depend on the conditions of each plot of land. This is why your best bet to invest in land safely is to come to certified professionals in the field, such as Casas en Valladolid.