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3 ways we take care of your privacy

3 ways we take care of your privacy. In our work, it is normal for clients to ask us for property information.

A professional real estate agent protects your privacy!

The personal data protection law guarantees that each client we serve has their data protected.

At all times you have the right to:

Know at all times who has your data and what they are being used for.
Request rectification of your data.
Request their cancellation for not complying with the applicable provisions.
Oppose the use of your data if they were obtained without your consent.

Taken from: Instituto de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información Pública, Protección de Datos Personales y Rendición de Cuentas de la Ciudad de México

3 ways we take care of your privacy

Locations of inhabited houses

Many clients call us by phone asking about a property that we have listed and ask us for the location of it.

For us it is important to protect the privacy and families of our clients. On many occasions we have had clients who show up to see the house on their own.

Selling a home is an emotionally difficult process, and having people peeking out of your windows or into your yard at all hours of the day creates annoyance.

Likewise, part of the service we provide is the ideal client for you. We take clients who we evaluate to see their purchasing power.

Deeds and other property documentation

Here at Casas en Valladolid, we review the documentation of the properties we list.

Unlike other states, in Yucatan we have the state system. That is, we can check that everything is in order

Many times the client requires us to send him all the information. Even before you have a contract or offer in place.

We do not share information with buyers. The documents are sent to the notary of the buyer client, to guarantee the safety of all those involved.

Contact details of the seller

Sometimes the buyer asks us for the details of the seller. Relax, we will not share your data.

In these cases, we can schedule a virtual meeting to refine details of the negotiation.

When we are by your side we can support you to reach beneficial agreements for both parties and within the law.

3 ways we take care of your privacy

Selling a house with a real estate agent gives you the security that we are thinking about your safety all the time.

We filter the client who is going to see your house, we ask questions, and we make sure that their plan to buy and your plan to sell are on the same channel.

It may not be as many visitors, but that means we’re filtering out the curious!

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