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Affordable Real Estate properties near downtown Valladolid

A traditional downtown property in Valladolid Yucatan

In recent months we have had countless clients looking for real estate for sale in downtown Valladolid Yucatan. When they see the available options, many feel disillusioned, since the houses do not meet their expectations.

Many expect Valladolid to be a small town with super-low real estate prices, and maybe it was a decade ago. Nowadays Valladolid is gathering a lot of attention among people living in the Riviera Maya, expats and people relocating from the north and central Mexico,

it’s a central location close to the beach, it’s close proximity to big cities with airports and the colonial charm make of Valladolid an attractive place to live. Also, Valladolid is out of the restricted area, so foreigners can purchase Real Estate without a bank trust or “fideicomiso”.

Why is it so difficult to find cheap historic homes in Valladolid?

Valladolid maintained a low profile for more than 500 years, in an economy based on trade and agriculture. Even the 2010 census reveals a population below 50,000, so it is a small town with a reduced amount of properties.

The steady but slow economic and population growth means that the amount of colonial properties is very small. The houses were mostly built in stages, in a model of self-construction and most of the time do not have the layout, installations or design up to modern standards.

If you are looking for cheap homes for sale in Valladolid Yucatán, it is important that you keep these points in consideration.

  • Unlike Mérida, in Valladolid, there are not thousands of colonial properties. Less property + excessive demand = High prices
  • Families live for generations on the same home. This reduces the availability of houses for sale or rent.
  • Cheap, central, and historic property in Valladolid Yucatan. When it comes to real estate someone has to give. If you want the perfect trifecta, expect to pay from 150,000 to 500,000 USD for a property with these characteristics.
  • Most of the prospective buyer’s experience frustration and decide to “wait” for the perfect property to come-by. In our Experience, this is a big mistake, as these are almost non-existent and are sold within days of being on the market.

So if you are interested in investing in Real Estate in Valladolid Yucatan, it is important to focus on one or two of your wish list and proceed quickly. In our experience, a central location is the best bet, as the prices keep going up!

Contact us if you want to receive more information about real estate in Valladolid Yucatan. We are certified to help clients like you find the ideal home in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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