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Buying cenotes in Valladolid Yucatan, is it possible?

Many of our clients think: Buy cenotes in Valladolid Yucatan, is it possible? They dream of having a special property, something amazing that can be a home, a tourist attraction, an investment, etc.

There are few places where you can invest your money knowing that the price is only going to continue to rise. In these times of economic uncertainty, investing in a property with a cenote is an excellent idea.

I want to buy a cenote in the Yucatan, where do I start?

There are many variables to consider when purchasing this type of property.

There are many ways to find cenotes for sale, in this internet age a single search can return thousands of results. It is important to take the time to carefully review these announcements, as many of them are out of date.

In our experience, searching for properties in this way is ideal for someone who has a lot of free time. Filtering these properties can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Here at Casas en Valladolid we are frequently contacted to offer properties with a cenote. We traveled and walked several hours to see the property and it turns out that it is a noria, a hole connected to the cenote but with no access or way to see it inside.

Welcome to the cenote of your dreams!

Buying cenotes in Yucatan, how can a real estate agency help me?

Here at the agency, the first step is to personally visit each of the Cenotes, to make sure that it is really an attraction for clients.

Once the filter of the attractiveness of the place has passed, we review the documentation to ensure that this property can be sold without any problem.

We do the tedious work for you, so you can find the ideal property!