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Colonial houses for sale in Valladolid vs Merida Yucatán

Many of our clients are confused when they come to Valladolid Yucatan in search of a historic property for sale. Valladolid is the second largest city in Yucatan, and its location right between Cancun and Merida make it an ideal place to live.

Merida has a wide variety of available properties: from a project to rebuild from scratch to amazing million dollar properties that have been totally renovated. When clients look for colonial houses for sale in Valladolid Yucatán, the picture is totally different: fewer options, higher prices, a project more than a home.

Why are colonial houses more expensive in Valladolid than in Merida Yucatan?

This has to do with economic surge generated at the beginning of the 20th century in the city of Mérida Yucatán, especially the exploitation of the Sisal fiber. Merida became a prosperous city, which allowed a real estate boom, that sadly did not spread to other areas of the State.

So, while in Mérida there are thousands of colonial, art-deco, mid-century, modernist houses … in Valladolid, the colonial houses are less than a hundred. The small number of homes for sale and the tradition of families living in these houses for generations makes the colonial buildings in Valladolid scarce.

If you are looking for a fantastic historic house for sale in the Yucatan, there are available options in Valladolid, but it is important to keep realistic expectations. Here in Casas in Valladolid, we have helped many customers find their ideal home in the Yucatan.

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