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Expat community in Valladolid

The real estate boom in Yucatan, the peninsula has generated interest in many foreigners to invest and move. Therefore, in recent years the expat community in Valladolid has grown. From digital nomads, to families who decided to move to nature after the pandemic or retirees, who seek to spend this stage of their life in a quiet place with good weather.

When you live abroad, it is very normal to form a community with other “expats” to ask for advice, learn about their experiences, solve procedures or any other situation. Even, to seek to share the traditions and customs of their own culture. In addition to being able to speak the native language when you miss it. This naturally creates communities of expats. And Valladolid is not the exception, being a relatively small city, more and more foreigners have come to live, who little by little begin to form a expat community.

Advantages of being an expat in Mexico

The main reason why foreigners decide to come to live in Valladolid, is the quality of life. Another reason is the warmth of the people who welcome the expats. In addition, for foreigners from developed countries, the cost of living is very cheap. The proximity to move to tourist destinations of nature such as the countless cenotes, Celestún, Río Lagartos and even the beaches. As well as, archaeological zones and other tourist cities of interest such as Mérida, Cancún, Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Of course, the variety and quality of gastronomy.

According to Forbes magazine, Mexico, along with The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2021, Mexico is the second destination (of 59) to live, work and invest in business. Some of the advantages that stand out are: the ease of establishing oneself with respect to other countries and the ease of making new friends among the local population, but also in the expat community itself..

Who are the expats in Valladolid?

Yucatan has an image of being a safe state, which is attractive to new national and foreign residents. In fact, according to a survey by INEGI, the number of foreigners in the state has grown by 61%. The cities that have the highest popularity index for new residents are Mérida, Valladolid and Progreso.

Overall, according to INEGI, there are 38,000 foreigners living in Yucatan. The countries of origin where they come from are: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. In Valladolid we have a large presence of foreigners from the US and Canada mainly.

How to contact the expat community in Valladolid?

Social networks have become the means to create sub-communities within the general community. So in Valladolid there are some Facebook groups of expats In Mérida you can find several more, for example: Canadian expatriates in Yucatan.

In person there are some favorite places for certain expat communities, such as some restaurants and bars. For example, the garden, the Irish pub or St Patricks. Finally, just like everywhere else, all you have to do is discover the city and the places, start socializing and talking with people to form a community.