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Christmas Dinners in Valladolid 2022

Generation after generation, holidays and customs prevail, yet they change or evolve. The celebration of Christmas brings along several ways to mark it: family holiday, posadas, gift exchanges and the traditional mexican pilgrimages. All of the above are suggestions, but the crown jewel of the season is undoubtedly Christmas dinners. 

If your attendance at the evento is ensured, prior preparations are copious in raw materials and time. Luckily, in Valladolid we find professional alternatives that Will relieve us of such duties. Without lacking in quality or flavor, dinner is served. 

AHAL, Restaurant 

Amidst their Mexican, central and southamerican delicacies, this restaurant offers a special menu. Conceived for the season, it offers a wide, varied list where we will find choices that appear to be delicious. 

We are offered a menu that covers entrées, salads, specialties, pastas and dessert. There are also classic hot or cold beverages, as well as wine, liquors, cocktails and luxurious mixology. 

AHAL’s proposal can be known via their social media, or even better, an in-person visit in their premises. 179 a Calle 42; in Valladolid, of course; is the address of the gorgeous place that eagerly awaits you. Plan your dinner, and while you are there taste one of their dishes. 

Paladar de Cura

213, Calle 54a 45 and 49, in Sisal. That is the physical address where you can visit the beautiful place in which they hope to cater to you the way you deserve. 

In light of the december holidays, they have taken it upon themselves to prepare a special menú. Furthermore, it is two menus to your choice to please your taste. 

To tease your apetite, what would you rather? Bell pepper cream or tomato soup? Flank steak or tuna ceviche? Fruit-stuffed pork loin or Hawaiian style turkey? Red fruit cheesecake or tiramisú? Wine and beer are included. 

Naino’s dinner

Naino is a restaurant surrounded by art, with a relaxed atmosphere and spectacular service. The chef has designed a menu for each season where he fuses Yucatecan and international cuisine with products from the region. They offer a Christmas dinner in 4 courses, another good option that you can consider.


Our last recommendation is K'uxub RestaurantContemporary Mexica, which offers Art Cuisine and is located inside the Hotel Le Muuch. For Christmas dinner they offer a 3-course menu and there will also be live music.
You can book at the following number and email: +52 (985) 130 5045 |

Dinner’s all set!

It’s done. If we are short on time or we simply prioritize our rest, dinner’s taken care of. Two different choices, full of quality and flavor. The star meal for the 24th is no longer a concern, nothing left to do but enjoy.