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Say Goodbye to the year 2022 in Valladolid

On its own, a visit to Valladolid is well worth it. Add the city’s attractions to the New Year’s Eve festivities and the party is guaranteed. There is no better way and no better place you can choose to say goodbye to the year 2022. Let’s take a look at some alternatives and options to suit your taste for an incredible time.

The Religious Tradition

The customary choice of going to a New Year’s Mass is always available. Valladolid’s several parishes and churches provide a range of schedules to meet your needs.

Close-up, candles in the temple on a blurred background, the concept of religion and faith.

Citizens usually bring images or candles to be blessed towards the end of the celebrations. The parishioners listen to the sermons written around love, peace and conciliation, wishing a prosperous new year.

Folkloric Festival

Throughout the final week of the year, a variety of folkloric groups provide nightly entertainment for both locals and tourists. The appointment is at Francisco Cantón Rosado Main Park every day from Monday 26 through Saturday 31.

We get the chance to enjoy the dancers’ talents from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The participants renown for their excitement and enthusiasm. Do not pass up the chance to enjoy their dancing. 

Dinner is Ready

Don’t worry about the main celebration, dinner is ready and set. Multiple stunning venues and restaurants offer possibilities for all price ranges.

Between classic New Year’s dishes and the vast gastronomy of the region, dinner is the last thing to worry about. You simply have everything for all tastes. Just choose a spot and carry away by the sensations food brings to this celebration. 

The Easiest Thing is Just to Celebrate

Explore and appreciate our Pueblo Mágico by strolling its streets. Further, you could eat in restaurants, dinners, and small street stalls. Visit historic sights and take pleasure in them. Discover and swim in the cenotes. 

Visit the streets again at night and have a drink on a terrace. You make the celebration and Valladolid has everything you need.