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How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Affecting Real Estate?


Implementing technology is of paramount importance to companies’ success. The goal is to bring tangible benefits to collaborators and customers. AI based technology offers diverse applications for businesses. This is why we will explore facts and possibilities for AI in the real estate business. Also to understand how is Artificial Intelligence affecting Real Estate?

Business Technology

Technology has brought some changes to real estate. At times, a sale can take place without the customer visiting the property, doing virtual tours and looking at pictures instead. 

Digital signing of documents and contracts is another example. It is no longer necessary to meet in person for this.

AI Possibilities

AI is a combination of algorithms that generate digital tools, programmed to learn and self-optimize. These tools aim to expedite daily activities. 

Their use could accelerate the digitalization of the sector, by  predicting a client’s preferences when searching for a property. That way, real estate agents could offer better options faster to their clients.

Many tasks carried out by agents, bookers, brokers and investors would be done more efficiently. And more efficiently is potentially cheaper.

Current Applications

AI already intervenes in information management. It gathers property and portfolio data. This is how it analyzes documents, verifies conditions, and provides translations for international real estate operations.

It also carries out energy areas analysis, fire protection, and security for automated installations in buildings. Smart home technologies such as light bulbs or air conditioning and central heating are an example.

Other solutions are centered on potential energy savings. By storing consumption and expense data, new data is generated for forecasting and optimizing use.

AI Tools

There are some tools that, while not specialized in the sector, can help to improve processes and productivity in the business.

ChatGPT. Created to keep up with conversations on any topic, it only requires a few questions or instructions. It can create descriptions of property or content for blogs and social media.

Synthesia. Platform to create videos with AI generated avatars and voices. You can add subtitles or images as well. It’s a tool to create training videos for real estate agents or clips for social media.

Jasper AI. Another tool to write content five times faster than a human. Useful to create social media ads.

LandBot. Provides a bot that can serve customers visiting web pages via chat. A good first contact to provide basic information. It allows you to program responses and add images, GIFs or videos for whatsapp, messenger or websites.

To sum up

Some benefits of using AI are efficacy, immediacy, customization and quality assurance. It is a good idea to think about testing and implementing them in favor of real estate agencies and customers.