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Fun day trips for families in Valladolid

In Valladolid, fun comes in many shapes and forms. However, not all of them are family friendly and that is exactly the kind of fun this entry is about. When a family arrives in Valladolid, it’s important to find fun choices for all of its members. So, if you’re wondering how to engage all family members, keep reading. We have a couple of options to have a fun day trip for families in Valladolid.

Xkopec, Bee Park

Ten blocks away from downtown Valladolid is the place that will make you fall in love with everything bee-related. In the tour you will learn plenty about several endemic bee species and the honey production process.

This natural area is located in what we refer to as a dry cenote. This makes it particularly beautiful and fit for bird watching. After the tour, honey tasting is the logical step. Wrap up the adventure at their restaurant, where you can relax with drinks and exceptional meals. Cabins and camping area are available.

La Casa de los Venados

For a family with not-so-young kids, we have a great option. If you like discovering and admiring cultural richness, this is the place.

La casa de los Venados is a private museum home that shelters an enormous collection of mexican folk art. Over 3000 pieces await to be discovered in this collection.

John and Dorianne Ventor, from Portland and Chicago, own the place. After eight years, they reformed and transformed an old estate to guard their private collection. 

We could tell you a thousand things about the story of the house and what lies within. We will merely say that it is open every day and tours are offered with the option of either english or spanish speaking guides. Why not look at their brochure and find out more?

Cenote Xlakaj

Cenotes are one of the main attractions in the area. Amidst their natural beauty, we could say that the only not-so-appealing thing about them is that plenty of people come to visit, and that may make it harder to fully enjoy them.

If you want to avoid such a scenario, Cenote Xlakaj is the perfect choice. This cenote is off the beaten path. The amazing natural beauty of these places and the surrounding tranquility provide the cenote with a unique personality.

As you leave Valladolid, southbound, along the road to Xocen, it’s not hard to find. If you enjoy the experience, extend your stay and rent one of their cabins.

Visit also the Chichimilá temple, and along the same route, Tekom and its Cenote K’om Ha. Do not forget about Xocen and get to know what the Mayans considered to be the center of their universe.

Cenote Maya Native Park

Another cenote, this time allowing the option to enjoy its beauty and water sports. Inside it you can swim, dive or jump off one of its platforms.

To access the cenote, you may enter using the stairs, or if you enjoy extreme sports there are other options. You can rappel down 26 meters into the cenote. You can also go across the surface using ropes.

Mayan ceremonies directed by chamanes or the highest natural vault in Yucatan are added attractions. Just the light coming into cenote is a sight worth seeing.

Three kilometers into the road from Chechmil to Uspibil is where this unique paradise awaits.

Get Your Trip Ready

Now you know about these beautiful places, what are you waiting for? And if in the family, you need to cater to the little ones, check out this entry and you will be all set.