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How to Make a Dream Home Garden in Valladolid

At a certain age, there comes a time when we all begin to feel attracted to plants. Fortunately, we have an ideal way to meet this new need. We will explore how to make a dream home garden in Valladolid.

The Importance of the Home Garden

To enjoy your very own garden is more important than you think. Besides improving the look of the house, there are some immediate benefits to this decision:

  • It increases your knowledge about plants, flowers and the like.
  • Restart real contact with nature around you.
  • Creating and taking care of your garden is the greatest hobby you could find on your own or with your loved ones
  • It’s a great way to avoid stress.

Easier than you think

In just a few steps, your dream home garden can become a reality

Step 1. Choose the right spot. You must ensure a minimum of six hours of sunlight will reach the garden. It’s necessary to maintain the same amount of sunlight all throughout the year.  Avoid Northern and western positions.

You have to consider which view of this garden you wish to privilege and from which house spots it will be seen. 

Step 2. Make a careful selection of plants and flowers. You must consider some things like available space, kind of soil and, in this case, Valladolid weather.

There are beautiful endemic species available for your garden. Palma chit, magueyito morado and lirios de lluvia are some of them. You can grow them from seeds or seedlings, which are 30 – 45 days old sprouts. 

If you use some fertilizer, make sure it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Step 3. The right irrigation and drainage system. Before determining the best system for your garden, you need to know a few things. Such as the necessary amount of water and how deep the roots of your elected plants go.

Some systems need professional installation and others are simple as using a watering can. Ignoring this could be potentially dangerous to the house structure. 

Step 4. Furniture and decoration. Think about getting some furniture made of Tzalam and Parota wood. Both of them are endemic outdoor resistant beautiful woods. Temozón is the place to find these furniture.  

Some materials such as stone or chukum cement can bring something special to the project. An adequate illumination system and some statues and flower pots can be a unique touch to the garden. 

Step 5. Regular maintenance in order to preserve the beauty. Monitoring and tending to the garden is important for its development, richness and beauty. 

Just remember, it’s a learning process and it is for your satisfaction, be patient and rejoice.

Enjoy your Own Green Oasis in Valladolid 

Now, you have the tips to begin your own project. Choose your plants, pick your shovel and start digging. Bring some nature into your home.