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Difficulties and Mistakes in Selling Your Property on Your Own

Selling your property without any help could turn into a serious challenge. There are many aspects you must consider before even trying to do it. That’s why we want to speak about difficulties and mistakes when selling your property on your own.

The Most Common Mistakes

Selling a gadget or even a car does not compare to selling a property. This transaction could be delayed or stopped completely by a list of mistakes.

Something as simple as a document or ignored requirement is enough to waste our and the potential buyer’s time. Choosing an inadequate payment method or an incompatible lender is a very common situation.

The Value of the Right Price’s Importance 

A crucial moment for a sale is determining its right property value. The sale price cannot just be set by you. It must be done by a trained and certified person or office.

This authority, through a visit and detailed inspection of the property, will elaborate an appraisal. This report is made using the property’s photographs and measurements. It calculates the right property’s sell price by describing its size, materials, features and location.

Remember, in Mexico, the buyer is the one who orders and pays for this document.

Knowing Stages and Documents

There are a number of documents you must have ready in order to begin any procedure.

  •    Identity Carnet.
  •    Deed Title.
  •    Certificado de Liberación de Gravamen (property legal status Certificate). 
  •    Constancia de no Adeudo (Public Services’ Payment Record).

Besides all that, there are some taxes you must consider, such as capital gain tax or ISR (Impuesto Sobre la Renta). Some of them could be exempted, but you’re going to need professional notary help.

Limited Exposure and Marketing lack

If you need to make a fast deal, a Facebook post in some property sale group is not enough. Advertisement posters on nearby streets won’t make the needed impact. Using just those strategies are potential and usual mistakes too.

Accurate distribution and right marketing require the use of specialized sites and channels. These channels are under professional management and organize the info in order to send it into the proper circles.

Added to the last, a professional, such as a real estate agent, already has a client portfolio with people in search of a home. In this way, the information flows and reaches interested parties, avoiding any waste of time and investment.

The Right Way to Make a Deal

If you’re selling a property that pretends to be inhabited, it must have many features that are easy to forget. But it is equally easy to take away those difficulties.

Selling a property should not be difficult, but it is not a game. Stop wasting energy and money, consider the efficiency of making the sale on your own. Maybe the better way is to have that little boost that only a professional could give. Would you like to know more? Go to Casas en Valladolid