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Difficulties and Mistakes in Selling Your Property on Your Own

In this post we share the most common mistakes and difficulties trying to sell your property yourself. Some such as: errors in advertising, in establishing the correct price among others.

Fun day trips for families in Valladolid

In this post we share five places in Valladoid that are for the whole family and will surely have an incredible day.

How to Understand the Electricity Bill

In this post we talk about how the electricity consumption subsidy by the government works, about how to save electricity and about the use of inverter technology.

Christmas Dinners in Valladolid 2022

If you come to Valladolid for Christmas, and you still don’t know where to have dinner, in this post we share some suggestions.

Places to Practice Yoga in Valladolid

In this post we tell you the bases and generalities of the practice of yoga, the type of styles and of course, if you come to Valladolid, the places where you can practice.

The Mayan Train and the real estate market

In this post, we will talk about the impact of the Mayan train on the real estate market. We will tell you about the best areas to invest and the advantages of investing in residential lots.

Appraisal in Yucatan

In this post we will tell you about the modification in the General Law of Finance in Yucatan on real estate appraisal.

Expat community in Valladolid

In this post we tell you about the expat community in Valladolid, the advantages, we share some numbers about who the expats are here, as well as where you can find them.

New homes for sale – Valladolid, Yucatán

Houses in Valladolid is pleased to present you a project that is definitely worth considering for your next purchase… New houses for sale – Valladolid, Yucatán.

3 things you should know about Valladolid Colonial houses

Old casonas for sale in Valladolid are highly sought after by investors, as they have an enviable location, very interesting architectural details, and some have a big plot of land.

In Valladolid these casonas are popular for business, as they are spacious, beautiful and are a great attraction.
However, there are three things you should know about old colonial houses in Valladolid.

Becoming a homeowner in Mexico outside the restricted zone

Yes, foreigners can own property in Mexico, either by using a fideicomiso or a Mexican Corporation. Or even better: holding title directly, as long as the property is located outside the restricted zone.