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Door frames in colonial houses – Yucatan

Colonial architecture is one of the main attractions of Yucatan. The mixture of European influences, materials and techniques of the Mayan culture, resulted in an exceptional and overwhelming view of the streets in these cities.

Mérida, Valladolid, Izamal, Maní and many other Yucatecan cities host and protect the heritage of colonial architecture. Always with a lot of identity and respect.

Door frames in colonial houses – Yucatan

The elements that give life to the colonial facades in Yucatan are usually found in the door frames. During the construction period, local materials such as limestone and wood were used.

These frames are usually found in the original color of the stone, but they are also painted white. This was carved to achieve the decorative figures and shapes sought.

At least 7 styles of frames have been registered for the doors of colonial houses in Yucatan, but surely, those that will always attract the most attention will be those that have decorative figures topping the pediment.

Sculpture and decorative figures in the frames of colonial architecture

For the most part, a cross was placed topping the pediment of the frame. You are also likely to find natural elements. Animals, plants and even some objects or symbols protect the main entrance of these beautiful houses in Yucatan.

In Valladolid, we can find very rare sculptures. If you look very well you can find some decorated frames in the center of the city, it is just a matter of taking a moment and looking up, you are going to love it.

The decoration of the facades of colonial houses in Mexico

Due to their simple style, the facades are usually like a giant blank canvas where the only thing that stubbornly adorns is the frame that hugs the front door, which is usually large and carved from wood.

These colonial home decorations in Mexico had a much more than aesthetic purpose. As part of a symbolic message, these sculptures were placed in high or low relief to differentiate the different social classes.

Currently, there are no more in-depth studies on the meaning of the elements that were placed in the frames, although they can continue to be appreciated in many colonial houses.

The colonial houses in Valladolid

In this beautiful colonial city you can still see colonial houses in excellent condition, where you can find distinctive elements intact.

The wooden doors, the high log ceilings, the traditional pasta tile floor and the beautiful and unique facades. Many of these houses are currently used for businesses, although they can be used as homes.

The combination of textures is a unique spectacle.

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