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Internet Services in Valladolid Yucatan

Internet Services, Internet Services in Valladolid Yucatan, Casas en Valladolid
Internet Services, Internet Services in Valladolid Yucatan, Casas en Valladolid

Are you choosing the correct Internet Service in Valladolid? As a Software Engineer and ex-pat living in Valladolid. I have lived in 3 rentals in different locations of Valladolid and experienced most of the wired and wireless internet providers.

Wired Services


Telmex in Valladolid does not have fiber optic cable, well it did for part of Valladolid, but it broke after a thunderstorm and was never repaired. Currently, you can pay for 10 Mbps in Valladolid, and if you are close to the center of town, you will get 10 Mbps I had it in San Juan the further you get out the slower it gets in Residencial del bosque I was getting between 4 and 5 Mbps. On the positive side, Telmex is likely the most reliable of the wired ISPs. Warning, I was on a support call with Telmex when they mentioned I could upgrade to a faster speed one day, which they happily did, I paid, but it turns out you still only get a max of 10 Mbps.


Izzi in Valladolid is the fastest wired ISP I have experienced in Valladolid. In Emiliano Zapata near the cemetery and San Juan, I have had 10, 25, and 50 Mbps speeds. The package does appear to have changed. But I have no doubt you will get the data rates advertised, I did speedtest which are quite often seem to have some traffic priority to make sure it looks like you are getting the advertised speeds, all ISPs appear to do this in my experience. But I also used bit torrent, which soaks up bandwidth, and it was consistently very fast on download and sharing what I was downloading at a reasonable speed. The only downside I have found with Izzi was the installation quality. I had installation issues and would call them every time it would break and call them again and again until a helpful engineer who spoke English wired it correctly. 

Maya C@ble

Maya cable has speeds of 3, 5 and 10Mbps, I currently have 10Mbps service, and the data rate is ok most of the day, the pipes appear to get clogged up about 5 pm onwards, it also seems to be the least reliable ISP in Valladolid.

Wireless Services

Wireless services frequently have what they call an unlimited plan that has an MB limit, which once exceeded, they slow your speed down; you can then pay for an extra package of MB that puts you back to full speed.

AT&T internet en casa

I have AT&T on my cellphone and used that as a wifi hotspot with no issues. Depending on location, I can get incredible speeds on 62Mbps down and 38Mbps up when I ran a speed test while typing this; note the AT&T internet en casa has packages for 5Mbps and 10Mbps I have no doubt they can achieve these speeds on both the up and down. 

Blue Telecom

I have this service in an Airbnb i own on the outskirts of Merida, and I know someone in Valladolid with this service, this service appears to connect to AT&T cell towers from looking at the details in the router. This service seems reliable to me, and we have had no complaints.

Telcel internet en tu casa

My wife has Telcel on her phone in most areas of Valladolid is has a reasonable speed above 10Mbps up and down, it also has periods where it has excellent download and upload speeds, but it seems very variable. My theory is that Telcel is way more popular than AT&T, so it is saturated at peak times of the day. My experience is it is very reliable, and as the home service only supports 5Mbps and 10Mbps, it likely works the same as AT&T.

Finally, one other option is to roll your own and buy something like a Netgear LB1120 Modem or a Huawei B310 Modem  and use a pay as you go chip with data.

If you are in a more rural area, there are Microwave Internet providers around town and possibly Point-to-point Wifi providers.

Living in Valladolid is an excellent experience for expats, a slow-paced life with access to all the services and accommodations needed for a modern lifestyle.

If you are dreaming of retiring to a sunny spot in the world, contact us to help you find the ideal place!

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