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The Valladolid Market, an unmissable experience

The Valladolid Market, an unmissable experience, The Valladolid Market, an unmissable experience, Casas en Valladolid

In the municipality of Valladolid, within the state of Yucatán, you can find the Gral. Donato Bates Municipal Market just a few streets from the city center; a corner of this magical town that attracts us with its colors, smells and flavors.

Inside this beautiful market you can find all kinds of products and typical foods of the region. Many people come here to buy everything they need to prepare the meal of the day at home, the food prices in the Valladolid market are accessible and you find a great variety.

The Municipal Market before its remodeling. Located at Calle 37 x 32 y 30, Colonia Santa Ana.

What do they sell in the market?

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats are part of the local trade, these foods are brought from nearby communities such as Popolá, Tesoco, Tahmuy and Oxkuscab to name a few. Fruits and vegetables are regularly in season; the green colors of the pumpkin and the chaya leaf stand out. The unique aroma of fruit such as pineapple, mango, papaya or pitahaya.

Likewise, the sale of multi-floral honey abounds almost essentially in the premises, you cannot leave Yucatan without trying its delicious honey. You will also find the “recado” (a mixture of spices and ingredients to add to the traditional cochinita pibil).

Colorful fruit and vegetable stalls staffed by women in typical clothing from the state of Yucatán.

What time does the Valladolid market open?

The opening of the market begins at 6:00 in the morning (very early!) Since it is the main source where the merchants of the municipality supply their raw materials and ingredients for their businesses.

The atmosphere in the place whets the appetite, since there are food places where the traditional panuchos, salbutes, polcanes and espelon tamales are for sale that you can accompany with delicious fresh waters of seasonal fruits or (in the mornings) with a “new atole”.

Much more than just food.

As if that weren’t enough, this space has stores where you can buy small handicrafts, handmade kitchen utensils, typical clothes, footwear and toys.

In Valladolid you can find typical homemade sweets for sale such as meringues, coconut palanquetas, pepita, pine nut and peanut and finally the delicious marzipan. To be honest, all the sweets are delicious. Do you dare to try them all?

Meringues, marzipan, coconut and seed candy, cream rolls.

The next time you visit Valladolid, be sure to attend the Gral. Donato Bates Municipal Market and let your heart feel at home thanks to the paradisiacal flavors, smells and colors that this place has for you.

Valladolid, Yucatán always welcomes you with open arms so that you can enjoy all its attractions. The Municipal Market is perfect for sightseeing in Valladolid and learning about the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

In our blog you can find everything you need to know about Valladolid, the Casas en Valladolid team is always at your disposal.

Postscript: the Municipal Market is currently under renovation but you can find the improvised premises on one side of the market that is being renovated.